We often think celebrity’s personalities are all about glamour, good looks, and a hot body. Where many actors and actresses are undergoing liposuction and plastic surgeries to enhance their appearance. Some celebrities have proved that in the race for success, talent is what wins at the end of the day.

There are many overweight stars who have spread their shine on the cinema and TV screens. One such celebrity is Aida Turturro, Who owned her name due to her amazing acting skills. She is best recognized as Janice Soprano of the popular HBO crime drama “The Sopranos”.

Over the past few years, she has gone through massive weight loss. Some of her fans are praising her smart new look while others think that she has been suffering from an illness. If you desire to know the reality of Aida Turturro weight loss then you are at the right place.

Who Is Aida Turturro

Aida Turturro was born on 25 September 1962, in New York City, USA. She belongs to a humble background and was a shy kid. Her father gave her first name as he was in love with Opera.

She completed her High school in new york and after college got enrolled in acting school at Carnegie Hall under Robert X. To support her acting dreams, she even did house cleaning jobs.


She is among those hard-working and dedicated actresses who have proved that if you desire to achieve success your financial situation does not matter. After so many struggles she made her acting career debut in 1989, in the film “True Love”.

After that, she did a role in the television series “Law and order”.

Although she was most famous for her role in the television series The Sopranos. She is also popular for her role as Heddie Hawkins in the crime thriller “The blacklist”. Apart from this, she has also appeared in many films and television series including deep blue sea, Grey’s Anatomy, Falling, and what we do in the shadows.

Aida Turturro Weight Loss Journey

She was never conscious of losing weight as she was confident about her talent. Not just Aida she has a few more talented artists in her family including cousins like Nicholas Turturro and John Turturro.

In 2001, she was diagnosed with diabetes type II which may be a cause for her weight loss. She has also been quite outspoken about awareness related to rheumatoid arthritis. She was dealing with rheumatoid arthritis when she was only 12 years old. She wanted to help others about rheumatoid arthritis awareness and therefore took part in several compaigns.

She was strongly dealing with rheumatoid arthritis but when she learned about her diabetes she was shattered. When your health condition is at stake, it is obvious that a person feels slow.

It took a few years for her to accept her medical condition. She had no other option than to face this severe disease and in the meanwhile, she lost weight.

People with diabetes often experience low blood sugar levels because the body loses its ability to get glucose and energy from food. The body attacks the muscles and fat to release energy which ultimately leads to drastic weight loss.

In the beginning, when the doctor told her that she has diabetes she was in a denial phase. She was unhappy and didn’t want to pay any attention to the disease. She continued eating unhealthy junk food and did not do any exercise to keep her blood sugar levels controlled.

When the disease started impacting her physically and mentally, she decided to make lifestyle changes to lead a healthy life.  Doctors advised her to lose weight so that her blood sugar remains controllable. Through a healthy diet and workout routine, she maintained the ideal weight for her body.

Aida Turturro’s Diet Plan

The actual weight loss journey started when she realized the importance of health. The diabetic patient should have an ideal weight and they should not be obese so that the blood sugar level remains balanced. Therefore, the doctor advised her that she should lose some weight.

From that day till now she has been consulting dieticians and nutritionists to prepare a balanced healthy diet plan for her. She consumes food with low carbohydrates and more proteins. She also takes plenty of nutritious greens.

The doctor prescribed Lantus insulin to normalize her blood sugar levels. After skipping her insulin dose for some time she finally became punctual. So far from taking medicine, she adopted the lifestyle changes like avoiding carbs, avoiding sugar, and eating more vegetables and fruits.

She also became more active and has a strict workout routine. She does work out at least three days a week. When she won’t have time to hit the gym she likes to walk and do jogging.

Aida Turturro now is the healthiest version of herself. She has an ideal body weight. Her lifestyle changes not only relieve her from diabetes but rescued her from the risk of several other health complications.

Aida Turturro Diabetes Management

According to her, she got severe diabetes due to which she has to frequently check her blood sugar levels. Every day she checks her blood sugar level after dinner or before bedtime. She takes Lantus insulin by NovoLog insulin pen to maintain blood sugar levels throughout the day.

She encourages diabetic patients to often check their blood sugar level by saying Sometimes I hear people say, “I just don’t like pricking my finger.” I tell them, “You know what, if you continue living with uncontrolled diabetes you’re going to have a lot more pain than pricking a finger. You’re going to be in the hospital and they’re going to be pricking you all over your body. You can see a little blood now or a lot of blood later.”

Aida Turturro Hot Weight Loss Transformation Before And After

You can see the amazing Aida Turturro’s weight loss transformation through her before and after Weight loss features. She looks much slimmer healthier and happier in her latest pictures.

Bottom line

Whether you are diabetic or not everyone should maintain an ideal body weight to prevent many diseases. Illness is not an excuse to keep following unhealthy habits. Aida Turturro is an inspiration to many suffering from diabetes. With such a busy routine and hectic work schedule if she can maintain a healthy lifestyle then you can also do it.

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