It is the era of social media where you can know everything about your favorite celebrity. From dressing, make-up, lifestyle, workout, travel, or diet admirers want to know everything about them. On the other hand, celebrities also don’t leave a chance to surprise their audience in different aspects.

One such rising star is Ari Lennox who shook the Internet with the pictures of her well-toned hot body. Her fans went crazy about the new look as those pictures were themselves telling the story of Ari Lennox weight loss journey.

She never bothered about her appearance because she always has confidence in her talent. But being a part of the glamour industry who doesn’t catch its colors. She was bored of wearing the same boring styled clothes. She desired to wear glamorous and eye-catchy clothes which were only possible with an attractive and smart figure.

She faced a lot of criticism due to her outdated dressing style. Some were criticizing her designer while others were criticizing her make-up artist for her not-so-up-to-the-mark looks. However, Ari Lennox weight loss journey turned that criticism into compliments.

If you are among the admirers of Ari Lennox and wish to know everything about her then this article is for you. Here, you will get to know everything about Ari Lennox Weightloss journey, diet plan, workout regime, biography, family, net worth, and career.

Who is Ari Lennox?

Ari Lennox is an American ghost songwriter and R&B singer. Her real name is Courtney Shanade Salter. When she watched the movie Secret Garden she got inspired by the character of Mary Lennox, and she decided to use Ari Lennox as her stage name.

She is the first-ever female singer signed by J.Cole’s record label, Dream Ville Records. She is popular for her singles like whipped cream, backseat, shea butter baby, GOAT, and night drive.

Ari Lennox Biography

Ari Lennox was born on 26th March 1991 in Washington DC, United States of America. She always kept her private life away from the limelight therefore, no one knows much about her family. The only thing we know about her family is that she has six siblings and she is not married yet.

Ari Lennox Net Worth and Social Media

She works as a singer, songwriter, and model. She is fortunate enough to make a net worth of about $3 million. She is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She time to time posts pictures for her fans.

How Tall is Ari Lennox and How Much Does She Weigh?

Ari Lennox is 5.5 inches tall and she weighs 63 kg.

Ari Lennox Weight Loss Journey

On her birthday, Ari Lennox bikini picture was uploaded on her Instagram which created chaos on the Internet. Fans loved her weight loss transformation and they were curious to know about her fitness secret.

She was a foodie and an absolute junk food lover. in the past, due to her unhealthy eating habits, she started gaining weight. The best thing she could do for her weight loss journey was to control her and develop healthy eating habits.

She follows a strict healthy diet plan to maintain her well-toned figure. However, during travel to other countries for concerts, finding healthy food options become difficult so she has to consume fast food. In that case, she does control portion eating.

Ari Lennox Diet Plan

A strict diet requires meal prepping. Celebrities especially singers travel from one country to another very often therefore, they cannot follow a strict diet plan.

Although Ari Lennox did not tell exactly what she eats in a day, we can surely see she has changed her eating habits to get such an attractive figure. In the past, She loved to have pizzas, burgers, or a glass of wine but now these food items can only be her once-a-while cheat meals.

On several occasions, she told the media that she has quit drinking alcohol and removed fast food from her diet. Tea and coffee is the new replacement for alcohol. She follows a strict diet of an appropriate amount of protein and salads.

Ari Lennox Workout Routine

Before her weight loss journey, she was not much interested in doing workouts or hitting the gym. Though her new trainer Shadia has surely changed her perspective on exercise. Shadia claims that the hot and attractive body of Ari Lennox is the result of her dedication to working out.

Ari Lennox spends 2 to 3 hours at the gym at least five times a week. She likes to do muscle-strengthening exercises, weightlifting, and cardio as well. Her goal is to achieve and maintain a smarter body.

By following a strict diet and workout routine without any break she got rid of a total of 3% fat in her body. Due to the fat reduction, her abs became more prominent. Fans are much curious about her diet plan and workout regime Ari and Shadia have zipped their mouths on this topic.

How Much Weight Ari Lennox Lost

In total, she lost 5 lb of weight which is not much in number but her actual motive was to tone up her body. If you have seen her sizzling bikini pictures that show her prominent abs then you will also admire her transformation. It is rightly said that hard work makes everything possible. She quit alcohol, started following a healthy diet, and hit the gym five times a day.

Ari Lennox Before and After Weight Loss

Before the transformation, Ari Lennox’s body was not much heavier however there were some noticeable curves present in her body. On her 30th birthday, Ari Lennox bikini pictures with abs and no curves were a true surprise gift for her fans. She lost only 5lb but her overall appearance surely deserves appreciation.


There is not a huge difference in weight between Ari Lennox before and after the weight loss journey. She aimed for a toned-up body and a smart figure. Ari Lennox transformation shows her hard work and dedication toward a healthier lifestyle.

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