Celebrities are often accused of getting plastic surgeries. Whether people like a celebrity or dislike them, they are always up to the news regarding their body transformation and their features. Ariana Grande is not new to it. She has become a hot topic on the internet multiple times due to her appearance and plastic surgery allegations.

Recently when Ariana Grande show her obsession with the Korean industry. She got into the social media limelight as people accused Ariana Grande eye surgery Korea. Obviously, she is not an Asian singer but how come only Makeup makes a drastic change in her facial features? It is quite obvious that she has gone under the knife to improve her look due to which we all are witnessing a new version of Ariana Grande.

If you are curious to find out the answer did Ariana Grande get plastic surgery and the reality behind Ariana Grande eye surgery Korea you are at the right place. We will tell you in detail about Ariana Grande surgeries and Ariana Grande’s weight loss.

Who is Ariana Grande

we hope that everyone knows about Ariana Grande but still if you are a little bit confused let us tell you that she is an amazing American singer, super-talented actress, and songwriter. She was born on 26 June 1993. She has successfully made a strong place in the heart of her fans due to her melodious vocal range. Not just people are excited about her work but they are also anxious to know everything about Ariana Grande’s personal life.

She has been nominated for and won Billboard Music Award, Grammy award, Bambi award, Brit award, MTV music award, Guinness World Record, and American Music Award. At the age of 15, she started a music career. She is a multi-talented actress as well and has got a lot of appreciation for the role she played in the Nickelodeon show Victorious.

Ariana Grande Before and After Plastic Surgery

According to the news, Ariana Grande was obsessed with the Netflix series squad game it was the time when she had the desire to have Asian looks. To make a few changes in her appearance he went under the knife. Soon people started noticing the Asian-style features of Ariana Grande. As per fans, she has done plastic surgery to make her eyes look Korean.

According to fans, she has also made adjustments in her lower and upper Jaws. Maybe she has removed a bone position of her lower and upper job. Although she is an American but these days she is more looking like Asian. People have started comparing her previous and recent pictures to detect Ariana Grande surgeries.

Ariana Grande Surgeries

To get a Korean appearance not just once but she has gone under the knife multiple times. Let’s have a detailed look at Ariana Grande surgeries.

  • Ariana Grande’s jawline surgery

Ariana Grande’s jawline implants are quite prominent. To change her face angle and expand her face she has got implants on both sides of her chin. We can say that this surgery is a successful one because it is looking amazing on her.

  • Ariana grande lip surgery

For 7 years Ariana Grande has been continuously getting lip fillers to make her lips fuller and more attractive. Fillers and other cosmetic surgery yearly cost around 10,000. It is not possible for everyone to afford the such expense for plastic surgery but yes this amount is nothing for the multi-talented singer.

  • Ariana Grande’s cheek implants

Ariana Grande has got cheek implants to make her face look Chubbier and healthy just like Asian people.

●       Did Ariana Grande Get Eye Surgery?

If we specifically talk about Ariana Grande eyelid surgery then yes there are rumors that she has gone through blepharoplastic. It is also known as double eyelid get surgery. In this type of surgery, the skin around the eyes is reshaped to give a more enhanced appearance to the eyes. Maybe Ariana Grande’s eyelid surgery is the reason she is not applying any makeup on her eyes these days.

Ariana Grande Weight Loss

Other than plastic surgery the most common rumor that any celebrity face is body transformation. There are Speculations on the internet that Ariana Grande has gone through a drastic weight loss.

Ariana Grande herself has not given any official statement regarding her weight loss. However, sources conclude that she has lost 25 pounds. Even before she was not overweight but the weight loss was mainly to improve her figure. No matter whether she gains weight or loses weight her loyal fans is always there to appreciate and adore her.

Let’s find out what diet and workout routine Ariana Grande is following to lose weight.

Ariana Grande’s Diet Plan

Just when pictures arrived on the internet after her weight loss transformation people spread rumors regarding her eating disorder of Ariana Grande. But the actual reason for weight loss was an adaptation to a Healthy lifestyle. She has always been a foodie but once she decided to shed a few pounds she started following a vegan diet.


Ariana Grande’s breakfast is usually 100% Vegan including food such as oats, almond milk, organic fruits, and nut.


For lunch, she likes to have a bowl of salad consisting of fresh green vegetables, and nuts with some sauce topping.


For dinner, she takes a bowl of rice with Tofu stir-fried vegetables.


She likes to eat healthy snacks such as fruit, and nuts. She keeps herself hydrated by drinking lots of water, coconut water, and smoothies.

 Ariana Grande Workout

Ariana does workouts 5 days a week without any skips. She has a very busy schedule but she does not neglect her workout sessions along with her trainer. In workouts, mostly like to do cardio, strength training, and weight lifting. On those days when she does not have time to hit the gym, she likes to work as much as she can. She has a goal of walking about 12000 14000 steps per day.

Wrap up

Ariana Grande eye surgery Korea seems to be only a rumor for many people. Maybe it is the photo editing or the makeup skills that are giving her an Asian look. No matter what the reason is if you look at previous pictures of Ariana Grande, it is for sure that there is a prominent difference. These major changes may be due to Ariana Grande surgeries or some amazing makeup skills.

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