If you are on your period and you have an urgent drug test you might be wondering if can you take a drug test while on your period. Menstruation better known as the period is the release of blood from the uterus to the vagina. During the menstrual cycle the uterus lining builds up throughout the month to prepare the body for pregnancy. If a woman does not conceive estrogen and progesterone level falls resulting in menstruation.

What is a Drug Test

A drug test is a sample analysis that takes place to detect any medication or illegal drug in the body. It helps a physician to detect potential substance abuse. A drug test helps in finding the substance causing a problem in the body so that the doctors can start proper treatment.

The most common ways of performing drug tests include

  • Urine test
  • Saliva-based drug test
  • Blood test
  • Hair follicle drug test
  • Perspiration drug test
  • Breathalyzer testing

In most working spaces, they do drug tests for their new employees. They announce a specific date on which they collect the samples of the employees. If it’s your period date then the question arises can you take a drug test while on period? Don’t worry because through this article you will get the answer about can I take a drug test while menstruating.

Can You Take a Urine Drug Test on Your Period

Yes, without any worries you can take a drug test during periods. In most working environments, it is necessary to give a drug test before starting your job. Can you take a drug test on your periods totally depends on the type of drug test and on what days of the period you are doing it.

Even if you are giving a urine sample for drug test periods does not make a huge difference. Still for more accurate results, one should not take risk of doing a drug test during menstruation.

According to recent studies, women who are menstruating should not take a drug test. The most common reason for this is that you need a urine sample in the first or second urination of the morning. Most of the time if you are on the initial days periods the bleeding will be heavy and contaminate the urine sample. Ultimately visual test will fail.

Can Menstrual Blood Contaminates a Urine Drug Test

When you take a urine drug test while you are on your period, especially during the first three days, a urine sample will be much cloudy and red in color. For best results, the urine sample should be free from any contamination.

Most of the time morning samples of the urine are required for the drug test. In order to avoid the probability of contamination, it is recommended not to do a urine drug test during periods.

Urine drug test helps in detecting traces of alcohol or illegal drug substances. But if you give a urine sample mixed with blood it is quite embarrassing. Although the results of the urine sample will not be affected by blood tinges.

Will Menstrual Blood Affect Urine Drug Test

No, blood present in urine drug tests does not have much effect. For example, a positive result will remain positive. Similarly, if your drug test result is negative the menstruation blood cannot make it positive.

However, just for your own surety, it is better that you do not give the urine sample in the first three days as the blood flow will be high. You can ask your company if you can submit the urine samples after 2-3 days.

In case of urgency, you can also ask the company that you can give them drug samples through blood, saliva, and hair. If you do not have any other option rather than giving the drug test sample on the same day then collect the sample through the following steps.

  • Make sure that your sample does not get contaminated with menstruation blood. When there will be particles of blood the urine sample will be rejected in the visual test.
  • Use tissue paper to clean your genital area.
  • Always collect the middle stream of the urine because at the start there will be blood particles in it and it will also eliminate the bacterial contamination present on the vagina skin.
  • After collecting the sample check if the blood is present or if the urine sample is transparent to pill yellow in color.
  • If the urine sample is not contaminated you are good to go otherwise you will need to take another sample.
  • If you are finding it difficult to collect the samples without blood contamination then you can also ask the technician to directly collect the sample from your bladder through a catheter tube.

Bottom line

We hope that this article might be helpful for getting an answer about whether can you take a drug test while on your period. Taking a urine drug test during periods is quite complicated but it does not impact the result much. Only it gives false visual test results. You have only two options to prevent complications either you reschedule the drug test or take extra precautions when collecting the urine sample.

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