Festive, occasion, movie night, or everyday snack cookie is the most preferable option for all. To find out the best cookie in the town people try different cookies. If you are a cookie lover you must be familiar with Crumbl cookies as they are considered the best cookies these days. But have you ever thought about crumbl cookie nutrition facts?

Whether it is meals or snacks it impacts greatly our health. If you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and are conscious regarding your weight then before consuming it you must be aware of how many calories are in a crumbl cookie. Crumbl cookie calories vary according to the flavors as it is available in a variety of flavors. From rich chocolate, creamy, chocolate chi,p to simple sugary there is a variety of cookies.

If you want to know all about crumbl cookie nutrition fact then you are at the right place because here we will tell you everything regarding crumbl nutrition and crumbl cookie calories.

How many calories in a crumbl cookie

Calories in a single crumbl cookie vary from 500 to 800. It depends on the favor and the ingredient. Surprisingly these calories are much high than a whole burger. Not only from the cookie high and calories but it has a good amount of carbs, sugar, and fat in it as well.

Usually, other cookies have 50 to 100 calories in a single serving. Crumbl cookies are rich in fats therefore it is equal to 10 times the usual cookies. It is shocking, especially for those people who are health conscious how come only a single cookie contains so many calories. It is much more obvious that if you want to lose weight then there are better options than consuming 500 to 800 calories in a single cookie.

According to the brand, one crumbl cookie is a serving for two people. But practically have you ever seen anyone eating a half cookie at a time? In a single serving people usually eat 1 to 2 cookies. That makes almost half of the calories of your whole day. Therefore, for diet-conscious and weight-concerned people crumbl cookie is the only option for festive occasions.

How many servings are in a crumbl cookie?

Crumbl cookies are high in fat, sugar, and carbs because of the serving size. If you look at the size of a single crumbl for you it is much better than the usual cookies. According to the brand, you should consume one-fourth of the cookie size which means the single serving size of a crumbl cookie is ΒΌ. Those people who consume the whole cookie at once means that they have been given four serving of crumbl cookies.

How many calories are in a chip and chocolate chip cookie?

A single crumbl chocolate chip cookie consists of 560 calories. For serving chocolate chip cookie consist of 140 calories. A chocolate chip crumbl cookie is rich in fat, cholesterol, Sodium, carbs, and sugar. It has a very less amount of protein and a tiny amount of potassium, Iron, and Calcium.

Following is the nutritional value of one chocolate chip crumbl cookies

Total calories560
Total fat31g
Total carb64g

If you are planning to lose weight then a chocolate chip crumbl cookie is not the best option. But on occasion, if you are eating a very tiny amount just to satisfy your craving is not a bad idea.

What does Crumbl cookie taste like?

Crumbl cookies are rich and nutritious cookies. They are soft and loaded with lots of flavors. Although they say that a single serving is 1/4 but since it is more delicious no one can avoid eating the whole cookie. The best part about crumbl cookies is that they are available in a variety of flavors such as lemon chocolates, peanut butter, chocolate chip, and oatmeal cookies.

The most popular crumbl cookies include peppermint, chocolate Oreo, chocolate chip, pumpkin pie, midnight mint, etc. Crumbl cookies also have some healthy options that are low in fat, sugar, and carbs.

The Healthiest type of cookies

The healthiest type depends on the ingredients present in it and its nutritional value. If the ingredients used in a cookie is organic and low in calorie then it is considered a healthy option. For example, instead of sugar and fattening ingredients such as butter, chocolate cream, and refined flour if you use healthy alternatives in the cookies such as nuts, oats, whole wheat, flour, mashed banana, and Greek yogurt then you can prepare delicious and healthy cookies.

For healthy cookies, you need to replace ingredients like normal flour with whole wheat flour eggs with mashed banana oil apple sauce butter with Greek yogurt, etc. This way you can get a much healthier version of the usual cookie. However, if you will change all the ingredients your healthy cookie will not taste the same as the usual cookies.

Does carbs in cookies?

People are concerned about how come a single cookie contains so many calories. So just the cookie within a single serving consists of so many calories due to the size of this cookie and the ingredients they have in it.

The size of the crumbl cookies is much bigger than other cookies available in the market. In fact, they are two times bigger so it is obvious that they will have more calories. Crumble cookies are rich in ingredients such as flour, butter, and sugar which has a very high amount of carbs in it.

The frosting filling and topping of the cookie also increase its number of calories. Due to the higher amount of present in crumbl cookies, it is not suitable for people who desired to lose weight and want to lead a healthy life. A single crumbl cookie has 60 to 100 grams of carbs in it.

Bottom line

If you are a cookie lover then crumbl cookies are the most delicious option. However, if we speak about the crumbl cookie nutrition facts and crumbl cookie calories it is obvious that it is not among the most healthy cookies in town. These cookies are rich in fat, sugar, and carbs making them a bad option for those people who desire to lose weight. Still, if you want to munch on these cookies you should consume only a single serving of them.

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