Emiru is an American gamer who does live streaming on twitch for the League of Legends game, which is among the most famous platform that does provide live streaming for different Gamers all around the world. The owner of Amazon also owns twitch. With this platform, gamers connect with their fans and other gamers.

Although this life streaming of gamers does not make any sense of watching. Most people are not playing the game but just watching the Gamers play. Still, every month millions and billions of people join the twitch platform to watch gamers play.

It is a general assumption that men are more into gaming. To a surprise, twitch has many female professional gamers that have a fantastic fan following. Emiru is one of the most popular twitch stream Gamers. Most of female Gamers are popular due to their hot looks and attractive appearance. They also apply different makeup and costumes to entertain the audience during the gaming sections.

People are attracted to Emiru due to her attractive and charming looks. But what if someone says that these looks are a blessing of Amazing makeup techniques? There are a few pictures of Emiru speculated on the internet that shows the Emiru no makeup look. If you are also curious to know about this hot gamer and the reality behind Emiru no makeup look then do not miss any part of this article.

Emiru at Home

just like any other woman Emiru no makeup look at home is a perfect example of calm and comfortable skin. She has glowing skin that does not have any imperfections. Maybe she applies a bit of foundation to color correct or naturally have our glass glowing skin. Many women are openly jealous of the perfections of the hot live-stream gamer.

Even when she does not apply any makeup she has a good balance tone on her face. She has a bright complexion without any makeup. The Twinkle eyes, pink lips, oval face, and white complexion give her a gorgeous facial identity.

Who is Emiru?

Emiru is an American live-streaming gamer who usually does her gaming sessions on the twitch platform. She plays league of Legends live streaming and has thousands of followers. Her actual name is Emily and she used emiru as a gamer name for her twitch live streaming ID. She was born on 3rd January 1998 in Wichita Kansas. In 2016, she graduated from High School. From that time she started her YouTube channel and started posting gaming videos on it. She has been working with Ader gaming marketing company.

She has an ancestry of Chinese and German background. Not much is known about her family. She has dated a fellow streamer Dyrus. She is a college pass out and she currently lives in Austin Texas. Emiru No makeup YouTube channel has a following of more than 150k. In 2012, December she join Twitter and has more than 70000 followers. Emily is better known as Emiru as her screen name.

In her, 99% of live gaming sessions she play solo game. But for a few gaming sessions, she also collaborates with her friends. She is currently busy with her Twitch streaming session as well as her YouTube channel. Other than gaming she also does makeup tutorials.

Emiru without makeup photos before and after

Not just one, surprisingly there have been multiple sessions in which people have witnessed Emiru without makeup. Although her transformation completely changes her features and look. She usually prefers dark glamorous bold makeup. Such makeup looks to enhance her facial features and beauty giving a eternal graceful mesmerizing.

Beauty creates different get-ups and makeup Emiru’s no makeup look is simple and similar to all the other girls. If you look at Emiru no makeup look before and after then you can say that not only makeup but it is also the talent of her mobile effect which gives her an amazing look.

People admire the beauty of Emiru with makeup more which is why it is very rare that she shows her without makeup look. Even Emiru no makeup look has a slight makeup that makes her skin look perfect and flawless.

What are the most tips for Emiru makeups?

Following are some of the Emiru no makeup look without makeup looks.

Keep the hair natural

if you want to look gorgeous then you must take care of your hair. It is not necessary that you should always maintain a fancy hairstyle but creating long hair gives a natural look as Emiru can work excellently. Not all women have enough time to maintain long hair but no doubt maintained long hair like emiru looks gorgeous. Most of the time she likes to keep her hair natural.

Comfortable clothes

it is well said that if you feel attractive and comfortable in your styling only then other people will also appreciate your looks. Just like Emiru, we do not have time to spend on makeup and clothes on regular basis. The best thing is that one should wear a comfortable, simple, and pretty outfit.

These days in most of her streaming sessions Emiru wears tank tops. She does not apply any dark mascara or eyeliner rather she enhances her natural looks. Her simple clothes, bright face, and happy smile on her face is adored by all her fans.

Minimal or no makeup

No makeup look has become more popular than her heavy makeup look. It provides her with simplicity. Within no time a person can relax without any makeup. Filters, makeup, and plastic surgery are a way to improve your appearance but a lot of people think that your natural look is the most gorgeous version of yourself.

Recent selfies of Emiru speculating on the Internet show that she is proud of her natural look. When she looks in the mirror, she acknowledges her Glowy perfect bright skin. This is what every woman should do to be happy.

Bottom line

Other than the amazing gaming skills of Emiru no makeup selfies have got much attraction of fans. Previously Emiru hot and bold image with a lot of makeup, dark eyeliner, mascara, and a fancy costume was the thing that got her popularity. But these days simplicity is also winning the heart of people. The fans want more no-makeup selfies of her.

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