Those who are addicted to Netflix show Cobra Kai must have noticed the difference in the appearance of Griffin Santopietro aka Anthony LaRusso. He was a chubby kid in cobra kai season 1 while he lost a few pounds in season 3. The 14-year-old plays the role of Anthony LaRusso in the show and in season 3 looks amazing in this new look.

Cobra Kai is a comedy drama in which Griffin Santopietro plays the role of the son of Daniel and Amanda LaRusso. Throughout the three seasons, he has been playing the supporting cast role. Where he seems not so much interested in martial arts and he is an obsessive video gamer.

Griffin Santopietro has amazing acting potential but lately, he is famous on the Internet due to his weight loss. Before heading towards Griffin Santopietro weight loss journey let’s take a brief look at his biography.

Introduction (Who Is Griffin Santo Pietro)

Griffin Santopietro is a young actor popular for his incredible acting skills. He has been working in the TV and film industry from a young age. He has also been a part of several commercials, magazines, and articles.

He became famous after playing the role of Jeddy in The Week Of. He also did a remarkable performance in Cobra Kai as Anthony LaRusso. His other popular work includes unbreakable, Kimmy Schmidt, and New Amsterdam.

Early Life

Griffin Santopietro was born on 5th January 2005, in Portland, Oregon, the United States. He follows Christianity and was raised in Connecticut, United States. He started his acting career at a young age in 2010.

To polish his acting skills he enrolled in Stella Alder studio. During the lockdown, he took their online classes so that he do not waste his time. At his age, it is difficult to find such professionalism.

He shared a postin lockdown  about the studio saying

“Being stuck in my house for a while has been tough so I am just so glad that I am a part of the Stella Alder studio teen Summer conservatory intensive at a time like this, it’s so important to be surrounded by talented people. I am so grateful that I get to do this.”


The 17-year-old actor is the second son of his parents his father Mr. Santopietro is a business executive while his mother is a housewife.

His elder brother Max Santopietro is a musician. Not much is known about his younger brother. He often shares family pictures on Instagram that show his love for his family members.

Griffin Body measurements

The young actor is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. His weight is 58 kg. He has black eyes and black hairs


Griffin Networth

The Anthony LaRusso actor earns quite well from the acting profession. From Cobra Kai season 3, he charged approximately $24k-35k per episode. He has an approximate net worth of $1.5 million.


He started his acting career at the age of 5. He worked in many commercials and magazine articles. Afterward, he was seen acting in theatre shows. In 2016, he made his television screen debut through Homicide Hunter.

From that he started getting fame and roles in many films and television series like new Amsterdam, the Badass babes of entertainment, Bull, soft, and Terrifier 2.

Griffin Santo Pietro Weight Loss Story

Soon after the Cobra kai season 3  was released on Netflix Griffin Santopietro’s fans noticed the drastic difference in the child actor from cobra Kai series 1 till now. Although his role in season 3 was small still the change in his appearance made him noticeable.

Not just there was a difference in his weight but his whole look was changed even from his gaze to his deep voice nothing was like past years. Maybe the character will have more part  in the coming seasons. Fans are guessing that it is a part of the storyline where Anthony LaRusso will lose weight and join his father in learning karate.

In an interview, he said that

“I’d definitely say that there’s going to be growth all around. Even like stuff I don’t know about, I just trust that the writers know what they’re doing and have a clear vision.”

Fans have pretty high expectations from the Cobra Kai season 4. The latest season of the show was aired on YouTube and then on Netflix. Cobra kai gives the same vibes 30 years back as the karate kids’ exploit. It is a motivational series for youngsters so that they can learn martial arts and be a good person.

Cobra Kai Season 3 has made a few changes like Anthony LaRusso who was completely absent from season 2 At least he has a role. Daniel’s son Anthony had to come back from the camp. After looking at the appearance of Anthony, cobra kai fans are amazed.

Although Anthony’s LaRusso physique is changed but still he has no interest in karate like his father Daniel. Anthony LaRusso stays at home and plays video games giving his cold humor what was surely missed in season 2.

Whether Griffin Santopietro weight loss is due to the demand of his role in Cobra Kai’s coming seasons or the young actor is hitting puberty. He is definitely changing from a chubby little kid to a handsome teenager.

Fingers crossed, hopefully in the coming season, we are going to see him learn karate from his dad. Since he is in perfect shape, he can easily get into one of the Dojos. Some fans were surprised to see his new appearance and appreciated his efforts. However, few were missing the chubby cheek kid.


It is possible that the cobra Kai actor Anthony weight loss is by following some diet plan or workout routine. Or the reason for Griffin Santopietro weight loss can also be due to puberty changes in the body. No matter what the reason is he looks handsome and we hope to see his amazing acting skills in many upcoming projects.         

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