A vagina is the most important part of a woman’s body. It should be a sign of identity and confidence for all women but unfortunately, it is still quite difficult to discuss vaginal issues in public.

With age and circumstances a body changes, some parts reduce their flexibility while others become extremely loose. A loose vagina is one such change that creates embarrassment for women.

A flappy cervix may be due to many reasons or some women are naturally born with asymmetrical enlarged labia. Though they commonly do not experience any side effects or discomfort. However, for most women, a loose cervix is a matter of concern, as it affects sex life. It makes the intercourse painful and you don’t feel like enjoying it.

If you are also stressing about a loose vagina then don’t worry girl, you are not alone, there are millions of women facing this problem right now. To get a solution for your issue keep reading.  In this article, we will give complete detail about beef curtains, their causes, and how to get rid of beef curtains without surgery.           

What Are Beef Curtains                   

Beef curtains is a word originated by laymen to describe a large vulva (Outer part of a female’s sex organ). According to Healthline, Vulva and its parts are of various sizes, shapes, and, colors. Even women have Vulvas of different smells.

Although the variation in size is normal still it is considered an abnormality in society. It mainly impacts the confidence of the woman wearing tight clothes or about to have her first intimate moments with a new partner.

It is absolutely normal to have roast beef curtains. Many women are born with beef curtains but they are absolutely fine and do not have any side effects. Women often think about how to get rid of beef curtains without surgery because it develops body insecurities in them.

Cause Of Beef Curtains

There are various reasons why a woman has beef curtains. The following are the main reasons for having beef curtains. 

  • Pregnancy and birth

It is the most common reason for a beef curtain. During pregnancy and even after giving birth, the female body is going through severe hormonal changes. Apart from hormonal changes while giving birth the vagina involves extreme stretches which can lead to an enlarged vulva. 

  • Sexual abuse

Child abuse and sexual abuse are major concerns of the world. Sexual abuse not only makes a person mentally traumatize but also causes physical destruction.

Most people assume that beef curtains in women are a cause of sexual abuse where the vulva is traumatized. To heal the sexual organ the excessive growth of tissues in the labia causes asymmetry.

  • Puberty

When a girl reaches a teenage, several hormonal changes are occurring in her body. If the Labia majora increases in size at that point of life it is certain that hormonal changes are responsible for this excessive labia growth.


It is also among the most common causes of beef curtains. It happens when one part of the labia is larger than the other part.

What Is CALME                     

CALME Stands for childhood asymmetrical Labia majus enlargement. We even don’t know whether this condition is an abnormality or is normal but in this condition, a female child has excessive growth on one part of the labia since birth. There are two folds on the vulva present on each side. One of the folds is larger in size than the other. However, this condition does not cause any pain or side effects in the external genitalia.

How To Get Rid Of Beef Curtains Without Surgery

Although beef curtains are not a serious issue but frankly speaking they do impact on the confidence of women. In this era, everyone wants to look beautiful. Whether it is body or skin most of the people desire perfection. People have even created fantasies about a perfect vagina.

The quickest way to reduce the size of labia is labiaplasty. Through this cosmetic surgery, beef curtains are removed and within a few days, the swelling or bruising of the vagina is also healed. But not everyone has a good amount of money for the surgery. More than that who wants to go under the knife for a problem that is exactly not even a problem.

People have figured out different options to reduce beef curtains as they do not want to bear the psychological, physical, and mental discomfort of the surgery.

Following are the top ways to get rid of beef curtains without surgery

  • Change in dressing style

Wearing tight clothes makes the beef curtain prominent and also causes irritation around the labia. The best way to get rid of discomfort is to wear loose underwear, shorts, or pants.

The material of your bottoms should be made up of natural materials like linen or cotton to prevent sweating. If you are having discomfort, redness, or allergies in the area you can ask your doctor for an anti-allergy or a topical ointment.

  • Heat therapy

In heat therapy, a specific amount of heat is passed through your external and internal vaginal tissues. The heat helps in shrinking your tissues thus, reduce the size of the labia.

The radiofrequency of a thermostat environment promotes collagen remodeling that strengthens the tissue of the vagina. The heat improves the elasticity of the vagina and tightens the tissues. Still, it is a time taking process requiring numerous thermal sessions.

  • Dietary changes

The first step towards a better health is to improve diet. A good diet helps in strengthening the muscles and accelerates regeneration of tissues. A healthy diet improves vagina flora. A diet rich in fiber prevents constipation which can become a reason for weak pelvic muscles. An estrogen rich diet Including carrots, apples, pomegrenades, berries, and soybeans strengthens the pelvic muscles.

  • Kegel exercises

A loose vagina is due to weak pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises are recommended for strengthening vaginal muscles and solving Beef curtain-related problems. In these exercises, pelvic floor muscles are engaged.

What Is Labiaplasty  

it is a surgical procedure in which the size of the labia is reduced. Excessive tissues of labia majora and labia minora are removed. If a woman has a larger Labia it is not necessary that she should opt for a labiaplasty.

If a woman is facing difficulty in physical activity, exercises, or having Sex, she can discuss it with her doctor. Although only a few women suffer from such conditions which require Labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty is also helpful in removing excessive tissue growth (lumps) from the sexual organ. Since abnormal tissue growth often leads to cancers, it is better to remove them before it’s too late.

What Are Roast Beef Flaps?              

Roast beef flaps vagina, roast beef coochie, roast beef vagina, or roast beef lips are the common terms which are often spoken in culinary community in America.

Mostly men use this word for the lips of the vagina as they resemble the fleshy fold pieces of roast beef. Calling loose vagina with such names is not less than a slang expression to insult the external sex organ that lost its elasticity while giving birth or has gone through any sexual trauma.

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