The showbiz industry does admire amazing acting skillsbut the other side of the story is that this profession is all about glamour and good looks. Most of the actors who join showbiz are born with attractive faces. Unfortunately, many develop insecurities about their features.

It is a general thought that the actors who are good in look get lead rolls easily. Thus,  celebrities spend thousands of dollars on their self-maintenance. From losing weight, wearing expensive clothes, getting skin treatments to even going through plastic surgery, they make all efforts to sustain their charm.

Majority celebrities hide about their plastic surgeries but they forget that their faces tells the truth. Nowadays news that has become the talk of the town is Monet Mazur recent plastic surgery. After looking at her recent appearances fans are guessing about Monet Mazur nose job.

If you want to know everything about Monet Mazur early life, career, net worth, relationship and even plastic surgery then you are at the right place.

Who Is Monet Mazur 


Monet H.Mazur is an American actress famous for her role as Laura Baker in the “All American” television series. It is among the most popular American sports drama series. She is a part of the entertainment industry since 1993. She started working when she was only 17 years old.

The talented actress was born on 17 April 1976, in the California, United States. She was born to Ruby Mazur and Valerie Chasin. She has four siblings. She has a Jewish ancestry from her father’s side but she believes in Christianity.

In 2005, at the age of 45 years old she married a British actor Alex de Rakoff, the couple separated their ways after 13 years of marriage. She is the proud mom of two children a son and a daughter.

Monet Mazur Career

In the 1990s, she started her career initially as a model and then pursued acting. She has played many memorable characters in TV shows as well as films. She started her television career with the series of “Days of our life” (which was among the longest scripted television programs to date).

Addams family values was her first movie whose genre is comedy. She played the role of a flirty woman in that. Apart from it, she has worked in television series and movies like Party of five in 1995, strange world in 1999, Austin Powers: International man of mystery in 1997, CSI Miami in 2007, deadman running in 2009, Angel eyes, just married, and many more.


The gorgeous American actress is successful in her acting career and has an approximately net worth of $2 million. Her main source of income is through acting, endorsements, and modeling.

Monet Mazur Plastic Surgery Procedure


The first time people noticed a difference in her nose was in the latest series of all American. Soon after the episode aired, the Internet floated with the question that did Monet Mazur get a nose job. Some of her fans said that it is only camera angle or contour while the rest were sure about the rhinoplasty.

The speculations about Laura Baker all American Actress, Monet Mazur plastic surgery got so high that eventually, she give her a statement. On her Instagram, she accepted the news of getting a nose job done. However, the reason she gave for a rhinoplasty surgery was that she broke her nose.

Monet Mazur plastic surgery


She had a beautiful nose even before the surgery but after the Monet Mazur nose job her features have become more attractive. Her nose has become long and slightly pointed at the tip. The fans are truly in love with her new appearance.

What is Rhinoplasty             

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that changes nose shape. The motive of getting a rhinoplasty surgery is to improve breathing or a change in the appearance of the nose. Our nose is composed of bone, cartilage, and skin. Rhinoplasty can change one or all three of them.

What is the need for rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty changes the shape, size, or structure of the nose. Rhinoplasty is required to treat deformities of the nose that may be caused by injury or is a birth defect.

However, In recent times, rhinoplasty is most commonly done by celebrities to improve their features. The reason for its discovery has completely changed and people are now getting nose job to enhance their facial appearance.

Monet Mazur Nose Job Before After                      

You can easily see the difference by comparing her before and after nose job pictures of Monet Mazur. Although her nose was small even before the surgery but after the surgery, her nose has become more pointed. Therefor,e we can conclude that her nose job surgery was a successful one.

Bottom line

According to Monet Mazur, she got a nose job procedure because she broke her nose in an accident.  No wonder, this statement is true or Monet Mazur plastic surgery just like other celebrities was an attempt to improve her features.

The reason does not matter since fans appreciated her beauty after the rhinoplasty. Now the question is should people get a rhinoplasty surgery for improving their nose? No, they should not go for plastic surgery apart from injury or medical purposes. Since all the plastic surgeries or nose jobs are not successful.

The Internet is filled with examples of people who have destroyed their bodies and face in the urge to improve their appearance. Only a few people get successful in improving their features, luckily Monet Mazur’s nose job was one of the successful examples.

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