Tessa Brooks is an American actress, dancer, model, and social media star who has been entertaining the audience with her multitalented skills. On YouTube, she has over 3.5 million subscribers. Due to her hard work, down-to-earth nature, and glamorous looks she has built an amazing relationship with her audience over time.

The only thing that was keeping her unhappy was her weight gain. She was struggling in losing weight however, after crossing lots of obstacles she accomplished her weight loss goals. Tessa Brooks 2021 Instagram pictures surprised her fans with the amazing outcome of her weight loss journey.

If you are anxious to know everything about your favorite YouTuber then this article is for you because here, you will get to know everything about Tessa Brooks weight loss journey.


Tessa Brooks was born on 5 April 1999, in Fresno, California. Currently, Tressa brooks is 23 years old.  She was born and raised in a middle-class family. she believes in Christianity and holds an American nationality.

She completed her early schooling at a local high school in Fresno, California,  the United States. Later got admission to the University of California, the United States. She started dancing at are very early age. she was more interested in dance rather than studies. She began training in dance and enrolled herself in several dance competitions.

Tessa Brooks Family

Tessa brooks father Mr. Brooks is a businessman by profession and her mother Mrs. Bingham is a tutor. She has two sisters and a stepsister. she has dated Chance Sutton and Tristan tales but currently, she is single.

Tessa Brooks Career

She started gaining popularity by posting her dance videos on the Internet. She usually danced to songs by Nicki Minaj or Rita Ora. In 2011, she began posting dancing videos on her YouTube channel that got millions of views. However, nowadays her YouTube channel is mostly focused on blogs, pranks, challenges, and make-up tutorials.

She got her first big break in her performance on “ the next big thing” a Disney TV show. Afterward, she joined team 10 of Jake Paul which exposed her to larger audiences. She has done modeling for several big brands like Marc Jacobs, Coca-Cola, sketchers, Smashbox cosmetics, and contours designs.

In 2018, she did a dance tour in 20 cities across the nation. The same year, she appeared on the web series “boss cheer” as Madison Walker. She also appeared on the TV series “happy Hazel” and “yA”.

Tessa brooks Networth and Social Media

Tessa Brooks has a net worth of approx $4.5 million. She is active on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook having millions of followers on each platform.

Tessa Brooks Before Weight Loss

She has always been encouraging self-love and self-care in her audience. Although she was confident about her talent and hard work still she was not much happy about the extra pound on her body. According to her, she gained weight because of unhealthy eating habits. Some people like to emotionally comfort themselves with food and she was among them.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Journey

She started her weight loss journey back in 2016 but after 1-2 years she quit her diet plan and gyming sessions. With diet and gyming, she lost 5 to 10 lbs but soon after quitting she returned back to her old shape.

She said,

“How am I supposed to lose weight when the best part about life is mozzarella sticks.”

It was 2019 when she strictly followed a diet plan and workout routine. Tessa Brooks fat level lowered and she successfully lost 20lbs. For losing this much weight she got rid of junk food and high carb meals. She also managed to work out regularly.

Tessa Brooks Diet plan

The biggest change she made in her diet plan was to eliminate dairy food products from her diet. It was a difficult decision for her to quit dairy products from her diet but after knowing about their negative impact on her weight, she was no way consuming them.

In the morning, she mostly drinks celery juice or smoothies. At lunch, she likes to have chicken tacos and salad. Dinner is the lightest meal of the day she takes salad or a bowl of soup in it.

Tessa Brooks Workout Routine

She increased her physical activities to achieve her weight loss goals. She started going to gym sessions regularly without any gaps. In her apartment’s gym, she did cardio exercises like treadmill and cycling.

She does 20 push-ups every day to strengthen her upper body muscles. she also likes to do other bodyweight exercises to strengthen her muscles. Through her Insta or YouTube, you can find videos about her workout routine.

When she is not in the mood to hit the gym she likes to go for hiking and she has also joined Pilates classes. Her workout at-home exercises include

  • Yoga
  • Hip swings
  • Jumping lunges
  • Squats
  • Pushups
  • Plank

Tessa Brooks Weight Before and After Weight Loss

She is surely a completely different person before and after her weight loss transformation. She was addicted to junk food but after weight loss, she eats only healthy food with the least amount of dairy products in it. She keeps her carb level low. She eats a well-balanced diet containing mostly some protein and lots of fibrous vegetables.

Besides losing weight and looking more glamorous she shared that she is leading a much healthier life now. Her fitness level has improved her mental health as well. She feels much stronger now and does not get tired quickly.

How much Weight did Tessa Brook Lose?

She lost 20 lb of weight. It is a big achievement and she does not have any plans to gain it back. She is working hard to maintain her figure. Daily she consumes multivitamins and fresh juices.


Tessa Brooks then and now is surely a completely different person. She is much smarter, healthier, and stronger now. However, following a strict diet and diet plan does not mean she is sacrificing her wishes.

She confessed that once in a while she eats dairy and cheese as a cheat meal. However, after smashing a big cheat meal she increases the workout duration. It helps in maintaining her body and satisfies her food cravings as well.

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