After having a nice manicure the nail color selection isn’t the only thing you should be thinking about. Apart from nail paint, nail filers also give a new shape to your fingers. There are different types of nail shapes, you have to decide which one looks best on your fingers.

We have different finger shapes thick, thin, large, small, long, or short due to which we often wonder which nail shape will look good on our fingers. You may think that only a salon professional can tell which is the best nail shape for fat fingers. However, it is not that difficult to select the nail shape for chubby hands.

Types of Nail Shapes

There was a time when nail shapes were not a difficult decision because there were only 2 to 3 options like oval, square, or round shapes. But today with the evolution of the fashion industry there are more different nail shapes available than the fingers present on hands.

To find the answer about what nail shape looks best on short chubby fingers or the nail shape of fat fingers? You should know about the different types of nail shapes. Following are the 13 nail shape types.

1.   Almond Nails

Almond nail shape is the latest trend these days. They are ruling everywhere on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Many celebrities and social media influencers are flaunting their almond-shaped nails. The trend is gaining popularity because of this nail shape’s practicality and versatility.

When you are wearing almond shape nails you can easily maintain your daily routine and perform all your work without any difficulty. Due to its versatile shape, whether you are going for routine nails or desiring glam nail art, these nails are a perfect choice. Almond shape nails make your finger look longer and slender which makes it the best nail shape for short fingers.

To achieve almond nails at home first you need to grow your nails as long as you can. If you are struggling with ingrowing nails first find out the cause which is breaking your nails. Once you achieve your desired length file your nails from one direction. Then file your nails from the other direction. The filing process should be towards the center of the nail. Do the filing slowly till both the sides are even.

2.   Stiletto Nails

Although the filing of stiletto nails is not possible at home still it is among the most trendy nails. Nowadays women are enjoying this nail shape because it is the best nail shape for short fat fingers.

They are perfect nail shapes for chubby fingers because the pointy tips give fingers a slim and slender look.

Since it is unique and stylish celebrities also adore this nail shape. You can get these nails just like almond nails but with more refining at the tip. However, these nails are not as practical as the almond shape.

They are difficult to handle in routine life therefore, stand at number 2. Still, if you desire to stand out and create a glamorous spark on your nails then this nail shape should be your preference.

3.   Square Nails

Square nails are self-explanatory. These nails are square nails having sharp straight corners and are flat from the top. Square nail shapes are not as popular as the others because they can make the nail shape look stumpy. These nails are good for people with naturally short nails with narrow nail beds.

These nail shapes are long-lasting since their sturdy shape prevents breakage. These nails are a bold statement creating strong sidewalls. Due to this neither they taper in nor flare out. These nails are easy to maintain and a perfect choice for people who do not like going to a salon or getting their nails done very often.

4.   Rounded Square Nails

If you are finding the square-shaped nails not much attractive then you should go for a rounded square nail shape. For rounded square nails, file the corners of the square shape nails round to give a more glamorous look. This shape is an excellent choice for short nails. On such nails, you can apply nude or neutral shade nail paint.

5.   Round Nails

Round nails give a natural look to your fingertips. This classic nail shape is the favorite choice for people who keep their nails short and the ones who don’t want to spend extra time at the salon.

You can achieve these nails similar to the square shape. But the difference is you will keep the front and corners round. You can apply any nail color to these nails. Round nails look good on long fingers as they make the finger look chubbier.

6. Squoval Nails

This nail shape is not the best nail shape for short fingers since they create a larger and chunkier effect on fingers. An individual with long fingers can go for such nails. Any color will suit such nails.

7. Oval Nails

Oval nails are the best nail shape for short fat fingers as they make fingers look longer. If you do not want to go for something fancy then you should try out these nails.

They are an excellent choice if you use your hand for work at home or in a professional setting. You can easily achieve these nails at home. Whether light or dark these nails look good with any nail paint.

8. Ballerina or Coffin Nails

Ballerina or coffin nails are exactly the same as stiletto nails. Only the difference is with the tip which is square-shaped rather than pointed. Medium coffin nails on fat fingers look sophisticated and chic. For such nails long and strong nails are necessary.

9. Flare Nails

Also popular with the name duckbill-shaped nails, these nails are flared upward and outward from the tip. The broad shape from the top makes it look like a duckbill.

10. Lipstick nails

If you are a make-up enthusiast then you definitely love lipsticks so why not give your nails the same shape. The inspiration for such nails comes from the cut angle of a new lipstick. These glamorous nails look best on slim and short fingers since they create a longer look.

11. Arrowhead nails

These nail shapes are similar to Starlito with fewer pointed tips. The tip is short and soft which makes it a more practical choice. Disney ships resemble an arrowhead.

12. Edge nails

These nails create a spike-like pointed tip compared to a stiletto. Edge nails are mountain-shaped nails. While filing these nails the tip is filed shorter and less pointed. You can also use acrylics to create these nails. They give a three-dimensional design to the nails.

13. Mountain peak nails

They also look similar to the Stiletto nails. The length of these nails is less than Stiletto, the tip is shorter and pointier. If you are deciding to go for an aggressive and fierce look then it should be your preference. It is hard to grow such nails therefore, mostly this shape requires artificial nail extensions.


To enhance the beauty of your hands, the nail shape should be according to your fingers. Like almond, stiletto, and oval-shaped nails are the perfect choice for fat fingers. An individual with chubbier fingers should avoid squavol rounded, round, or a square nail shape.

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