If you are a gum lover then you must be wondering how to make a heart out of a gum wrapper. It is a nice activity for gum chewers to keep themselves busy. You can do your time pass by making a heart out of the gum wrapper while blowing gum bubbles in your mouth.

You can also present the heart gum wrapper to your loved one as a gesture of love and appreciation. Through this method, you can show your partner that you were thinking about him and it creates a romantic atmosphere as well.

If you have previously created a heart shape from dollar bills then you must be familiar with the procedure and can easily make gum wrapper hearts. But in case you do not know how to make a heart out of a gum wrapper then don’t worry this article is all about making a heart out of a gum wrapper.

  • Start by creating a shape

You will start the procedure of making a heart out of a gum wrapper by trimming the rectangular shape gum wrapper into square pieces. The length and width of the wrapper should be equal. It is your choice that you want to cut off either side or you decide to wrap it in the paper to create a square.

First, you can fold the crease of the wrapper so that you do not make mistake in cutting. We will recommend you cut off the excess paper to create a perfect square shape. Once you get a square shape of paper then fold it into half so that you can divide it into four equal triangles.

  • Make the folds

First, you will place the unfolded side in front of you. The lower part of the paper should be on the top which you want in the finished heart facing downward. Don’t fold the top end of the paper till it meets the middle crease.

In order to keep the corners in place, the crease should be folded. Take the bottom corner to meet the top of the paper and fold the crease. The wrapper should give a squashed hexagon look with six points.

  • Create heart

Now take the bottom corner of the right side and fold it up so that the edge of the corner is merged with the center crease. Repeat the procedure for the left side as well. After doing this your gum wrapper will give a boxy heart look.

  • Final finishing

Now focus on the corners of the gum wrapper for them. After folding the corners your gum wrapper will give a soft heart shape. Then you can sharpen the crease to give a more settled heart look. Make sure while sharpening the crease, you do it in one of them to preserve the shape properly.

Uses of the Heart Gum Wrapper

Once you get an answer to how to make a hard with a gum wrapper then you have various options to use these hearts. You will love this heart-making activity in that you will start making hearts from every other wrapper.

There are different methods through which you can use these gum wrapper hearts like using a needle and thread to make decorations out of them. You can stick them on your wall or cushions. You can also stick the heart gum wrapper on greeting cards. You can also decorate the gift box with these gum wrapper hearts.

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