Traci Braxton is no doubt an amazing American singer who has won the heart of her fans  through her melodious voice and pretty looks. If you have kept yourself up to date about the news related to the 50 old singer Traci Braxton, you might know that throughout her life she has been struggling with weight problems.

The Braxton family values was the show on which she shared about her weight gain-related problem. She is not the only one who has been entertaining the audience with incredible music. Her sister Toni is also a very popular R&B singer. Besides them, she has other siblings as well who have contributed marvelously to the American music industry.

Lately, the internet is floated with the news of Traci Braxton weight loss surgery. Fans were shocked to see Traci Braxton weight loss transformation. From an overweight lady to Traci Braxton skinny appearance brought many questions to her fan’s minds.

Some thought Traci Braxton weight loss was due to Traci Braxton diet or workout routine, some wondered if Traci Braxton weight loss surgery was a reason for this transformation. While many people were concerned about her health.

Before heading towards Traci Braxton weight loss journey let me give you a brief intro about the talented singer.

Who Is Tracy Braxton

Tracy Braxton is a popular American singer, well-known actress, and a media personality. She is most famous due to her radio show. She is the sister of a well-known American R&B singer named Toni Braxton.

Success was not a piece of cake for Traci Braxton. The singer, actress, and television personality faced many failures and disappointments in her life but she never give up and worked extremely hard to make her name in the industry.

Whether it is singing, acting, anchoring, modeling, or any other profession related to the glamour industry, it is full of competitors. If you do not do well you’re going home this is the rule of showbiz. However, due to her talented voice and constant struggle she won the heart of her audience.

Early Life And Education

Traci Braxton was born on 2nd April 1971, in Severn Maryland, the United States. Her father is Michael Conrad Braxton senior and her mother is Evelyn Jackson. Michael Brixton was a Methodist clergyman who worked at a power company. While her mother was an opera singer, a paster, and a cosmetologist.

She is the third child of her parents. She had an elder brother named Michael Braxton Junior and has four sisters named Toni, Towanda, Tina, and Tamar. Her very first performance was in church. She was raised with her siblings in Maryland.

Traci Braxton Career

She started her singing career in 1989 with her first record to Arista records. She along with her four sisters released her first single named the Braxtons. In 1990, she dubbed the good life. Since it was not up to the mark, it was disapproved by Arista records.

In 1991, Toni was selected as the first solo singer for LaFace records. The other four sisters including Traci became her background singers during her United States tour, promotional appearances, and the music videos.

It was difficult for Traci to make her own name but after a few years, Traci has released two albums named crash & burn and On earth. Some of her songs include

  • Perfect time
  •  last call
  • broken things
  • moonlight
  • lifeline

As an actress she made her debuted with a reality show Braxton family values. Later in 2013, along with her husband, she entered the show Marriage Boot Camp. In 2013, she started a radio show named the Traci Braxton show. She also acted in movies like sinners wanted and all in as foster mum.

Tracy Braxton’s Net Worth

From her singing, acting, radio show, reality shows, and appearances on television she has been able to successfully make a net worth of $800,000.

Traci Braxton Weight Loss                

Sudden Traci Braxton weight loss made the fans think that she is suffering from an illness due to which she is losing weight. Especially in 2018, when she announced about her cervical cancer disease.

Traci Braxton weight loss transformation made her the talk of the town when she posted her pictures from her son’s wedding. Her weight loss pictures got so much hype on the Internet and audiences were shocked to see weight loss Traci Braxton. Fans asked if she was Traci? Why is she have dark circles? What happened to her? eventually, she deleted those pictures.

Although multiple times on many platforms she has discussed about her weight loss issues. For a long time, she has been battling against stubborn fat. But since she is naturally aging people were worried about her health.

Traci Braxton Weight Loss Picture

If you see Traci Braxton before and after pictures you will see a tremendous difference in her weight and overall appearance. It is much hard to even recognize her after the incredible transformation.

How Did Traci Braxton Lose Weight?

People spread rumors that  Traci Braxton weight loss surgery is the reason for her transformation. However, it is not true. If you follow her you will know that she was already battling from weight gain problem.

After her treatment for cervical cancer and her diagnosis of diabetes, she realizes that weight gain will harm her more. Therefore, she decided to lose weight. She followed a proper diet plan and workout routine to shed excessive pounds from her body.

In 2018, she successfully lost 40 pounds. But afterward, she worked even more hard and now she has achieved her ideal weight goals. Currently, she is in her best shape and giving her level best to maintain it.

Traci Braxton Diet And Workout

Traci Braxton skinny body is majorly due to following a strict diet plan and regular workout sessions. She even shared a few diet tips with her fans like

  • Drink as much water as you can
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Consume less sugary product
  • Start developing clean eating habits
  • Your meal should have less amount of carbs, a high amount of protein, and lots of vegetables.

Not only does diet made Traci Braxton weight loss possible, but also her regular workout routine. At the age of 50, she is still active. Whenever she gets time, she hits the gym. When she won’t have time or energy for gyming she likes to go on morning walks.


The type and severity of the disease have a huge impact on weight gain or weight loss. In a few diseases, people start gaining weight while many diseases make a person skinny.

According to her, it is her diet, physical activity, and health consciousness that lead to a new Traci Braxton. Since she is aging and has entered her 50s. She found it best to keep herself in a good and healthy state.

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